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My Hydrowarrior Story Journal

This journal is a beacon of light for families and individuals navigating hydrocephalus. It serves as a space to document the journey, helping to organize thoughts, record medical information, and express emotions during challenging times.

Here's what our customers say

”This journal has been a lifeline for us, offering a place to process our journey."

”A beautifully crafted book that gave us comfort during challenging times."

”The massager has been a great tool for managing my stress."

"Wearing the wristband makes me feel part of a larger, supportive community."

"This calming tool goes with us everywhere!"

"When my husband experiences sudden headaches, I am no longer helpless while he's in pain. I can help reduce the tension in his body to help the headache & tics subside quicker by rubbing his back with this simple massager.

"This simple, "analog" massager doesn't need batteries, a charging cord, or a power cord!"

”Our massager has gone with us to church, to restaurants, to doctor's appointments, on road trips, and airplanes. Thank you for such a simple tool!"