Hydro with Hope is now a 501(c)3 Non-Profit!

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We want to help MORE people

As we have grown over the last year
(personally and as a company), we have realized that we can help so many more
people in an impactful way by being a non-profit corporation. We are still in
the organizing phase, but we plan to have a program to donate journals to families, organizations, and facilities that need them, and also a program to offer
coaching to parents of infant hydrowarriors.

Between brain surgeries, recovery, and complications that often accompany this condition, we want to be a voice of HOPE. We believe that every family living with hydrocephalus should know that they have a VOICE and a COMMUNITY with resources to help them and that they are NOT ALONE.

Thank you for supporting us in this mission
to provide community and tangible resources to every hydrowarrior individual
& family!

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Our mission is to serve the hydrocephalus community by offering tangible help and encouragement through online and in-person resources. We also endeavor to increase awareness of hydrocephalus and normalize hydrocephalus-related vocabulary for friends and family of hydrowarriors.

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