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Hydro With Hope

"My Hydrowarrior Story" Journal

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Have you ever struggled to remember when you had a surgery? Or wished that there was someone else out there who understood what you go through every day?

This 150-page journal is specific to YOUR journey with hydrocephalus!

Now you have a tool to record and learn from your unique experiences with brain surgeries, headaches, and so much more.

Having brain surgery can be a scary thing to face, but it doesn't have to be.

Let this journal be a place for you to record your thoughts, feelings, fears, triumphs, fun stories, and crazy hair photos.

Create a personalized record of all the important things you want to remember during this journey and continue the healing process.

Make this journal yours!

This will become more than a journal to you. It will be a treasure you will call, "My Hydrowarrior Story"