Post-Holiday "Crud" Explained

April 24, 2022: One week after Easter 2022.

Anyone else have someone in their house get sick last week? I did!  Along with several families I know. My son had a sore throat and stuffy nose from Monday to Friday. Why is this?? What did most of us do differently last Sunday (and into the week) that we don’t normally do?  Yes, we celebrated Easter, but along with that...

We ate a bunch of candy and sugary treats!  Sugar is one of our immune system’s biggest enemies. Eating a bunch of sugar is like giving a strong sedative to an entire army and then being surprised that the enemy is able to easily infiltrate. So after putting our immune system’s army to sleep, our body’s lymphatic system (think tonsils) may become swollen while working harder to fight back the germ army that’s trying to infiltrate.  (My 80-year-old dad likes to call colds and flu “the creeping crud”, LOL!)

Now, we’re all a little different, so the amount of candy that causes this in one person may be different than the next person, which may be why one or two people in the family felt sick, while others felt fine. However, we’re all a little the same too, so treatment is similar: vitamin C, D, and zinc are the fastest at helping our immune system “army” get back up and fight. Also water, hot herbal teas, homemade chicken soup, and REST.  If you’re interested in specifics on any of these, leave a comment or email me with subject line "crud help".

I encourage you, now that you have this info about sugar, start to become self-aware of how much sugar is too much for you (and those in your household).

Be blessed and Be well!

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